Frequently asked questions


Mylar/Foil Balloons...

Q. How long it last? 
A. 2-5 days or weeks in a best case situation.  

Q. Can it be refilled?
A. Yes but 50% chances. Depends the condition of the balloons. 

Q. What to avoid?
A. Avoid placing it near a heat source, direct sunlight (it may burst), or very cold area (it will deflate). Gas law from Chemistry.

Q. Wil you inflate the balloons 100% filled?
A. We only inflate 95% to allow space for balloon to expand if it is under warm area.

Q. Will the balloons deflate if I'm from warm to cold area?
A. Yes, will deflate a little.

Q. What can I do if it deflates?
A. Add helium gas. Emergency case, you may use a straw to blow in air at the balloon opening.

Q. How to seal the balloons?
A. Mylar are self sealing.

Latex Balloons...

Q. How long can it last?
A. Between 8-10 hours.

Q. What to avoid?
A. Under direct sunlight or keep in the car booth for long, it will burst. It deflates faster under very cold area.

Q. Can it be refilled/reuse?
A. Cannot.

Our Delivery Service...

Q. Do you inflation of helium balloon on site?
A. No, unless big events.

Q. Do you do decoration set up?
A. No, deco set up is chargable $20 onwards.

*Please take note, all balloons sent are inflated and arranged. You just need to untie the knot of the free floating latex balloons or place the bouquet to your designated place. This takes only 15 minutes of your time for set up.

Q. Any minimum amount to waive delivery charges?
A. No.

Q. How long you inflate the balloons before sending down to customer's place?
A. 2 hours before delivery.

Q. Will my balloons burst/deflate during delivery?
A. Very unlikely to happen. We always give extra pieces for helium filled latex balloons. We also make sure mylar/foil balloons are in good condition before sent for delivery. Pictures are taken after each bouquet or orders is done as proof.

Q. Any refund/exchange if balloons sent found deflated, leak or burst?
A. We have to check the condition of the balloons. Customer are advice not to take the balloons as we need to check the cause for necessary action.

*Please take note, we are not responsible of deflation,leak/burst due to weather/temperature changes. Some function room/restaurants are very cold (aircon) and it may cause the mylar balloon to deflate faster. Or outdoor event which is warm, balloons may burst or leak. 

Q. Delivery time?
A. We will arrange 1-2 hours before the event. We need time allowance incase of traffic jam or if held up at the earlier delivery place. 

Q. Mode of payment upon delivery?
A. Exact cash only. Payment by bank transfer is most preferred, a day before the event.

Self Collection...

Q. What are your advice?
A. Please inform us an hour before coming for collection.
-   We only inflate balloons once customer has confirm the collection time.
-   Customer must check the condition and quantity of balloons on the spot.
-   No refund or exchange after balloons are collected.
-   Turn on the car engine before loading the balloons in the car to avoid burst due to warm air in the car.
-   Do not leave balloons long in the car boot.
-   Wind down the window a little to avoid deflation due to cold aircon.

Q. How many pieces of balloons can fit my saloon car?
A. Latex balloons 25-30 pieces, Foil balloons 10-15 pieces, Walking balloons 10-15 pieces (jumbo or bouquet balloons will be adviced)

Order By Postage/Courier...

Q. How long you takes to send the orders?
A. Within 2 days after payment received for norm postage/registered postage (registered mail send every Tuesday and Friday).

Q. How much is the postage fee?
A. Will be advice accordingly Singpost charges.

Q. Any refund or exchange if items lost or damage during post?
A. No, as we are not responsible of items posted to postage services (Singpost)

Q. Highly recommended mode of collections?
A. Registered mail (add $2.50), courier (add $7.00 flat rate) or self collection (by appointment).

Customised banner...

Terms & Conditions

- Email us to request for samples and details. Please mention the theme you want to get.
- Banner measurement 2m x 0.6m. PVC canvas material with 4 eyelets.
- 1 artwork will be send to customer for confirmation after payment.
- Customer can request for change of wording, color, fonts and designs up to 3 times only.
- Customer will be charge $5.00 for change of photo or template after artwork sent.
- There will be penalty of $20.00 for banner cancellation.
- We do not provide string, tape or hooks for hanging the banner.

Service Package...

Terms & Conditions

- Prices are fixed including delivery.
- There will be extra $10.00 public holiday charges.
- No substitution such as latex to foil balloons/party supplies items etc.
- No guranteed for delivery services. First come first serve.
- No set up services unless stated.